Here are the recipients of the first-quarter awards in the middle school. 

Sixth-grade Superintendents List: Front (from left): Kayleigh Ostrander, Westin Torres, Noah Hood, and Jacob Doig. Middle (from left): Austin Scutt, Owen Hodges, Maia Fassler, Nolan Evans, and Maria Salimbangon. Back (from left):  Julianna Roy, Landen Reed, Colton Walley, Malena Moore, and Lilian Jackson. Missing: Brandon Hitt, Kailee Lindsay, Brihnley Roloson, and Richelle Wood.

Sixth-grade Principal's List: Front row (from left): Shay Johnson, Zander Stanton, Tristan Vanloan, Liam Pettit, and Rilynn Daye. Middle (from left): Jali Shelton, Kendyll McDonald, Jennifer Marinaccio, Darrius Lindsay, and Hunter Lambrecht. Back (from left): Laney Duvall, Landon Darcy, Josh Clifford, Landen Branigan, and William Bartlett. Missing: Kalea Boulanger, Mitchell Johnson, Emma Moss, Gabriel Padgett, Richard Siar II, Ryan Somers, and Paizley Wildey.

Sixth-grade Honor Roll: Front (from left): Logan Gregory Jr., Braxton Wood, Taylor Townsend, Jackson Sweeney, Matthew Sietsma, and Destiny Jacobson. Back (from left): Anthoni Ildefonso, Cayden Garone, Jersey Forrest, Conner Dean, Landon Covell, and Tony Catalano Jr. Missing: Carson Armstrong, Nathan Middleton, Madilyn Russell, and Dallas Smith.

Seventh-grade Superintendent's List:  Front (from left): Adam Rice, Esther Salvia, Lila Trimbell, Kennedy Williams, and ­­­­­ Annalia Yetto. Middle (from left): Brynlee Hunt, Liam Kane, Emma Kingsbury, Paige LeBarge, and Ava Merwin. Back (from left): Ryan Alessi, Jacob Constable, Lilliana Eisele, Mayla Evans, and Anika Fassler. Missing: Reaghan VanTyle.

Seventh-grade Principal's List: Front (from left): Levi McDonald, Carsen Gardepe, Aimee Furgeson, Chloe Edwards, Eli Kingsbury, Scarlett Beardslee, and Dixie Manzer. Back (from left): Preston Petrocine, Christian Hanrahan, Linkin Backus, Camiren Barriger, Vanessa Burgos, ­­­Tessa Church, Jazmin Clifford, and Mackenzie Roach. Missing: Kamren Craig, Zayden Haskins, Dallas Hulse, Kohl Muller, Corbin Walley, and Xager Wickham.

Seventh-grade Honor Roll: Front (from left): Eilis Owens, Owen Sanderson, Jessie Norwood, and Alexa Scofield. Back (from left): Logan Viscia, Breylin Budine, Jordan Tolbert, Natalie Dean, Katelynn Houck, and Alexa Wright. Missing: Roxie Cetta, Isabella Grossmann, and Davany Ladd.

Eighth-grade Superintendent's List: Front (from left): Grace-Mary Walley, Kai Storrer, Lucas Carr, Maisy Rhinehart, and Anderson McEntee. Back (from left): Marcos Marano, Ethan Hall, Alivia Conklin, Parker Cash, and Johnny Ball. Missing: Aidan Bush, Jaedyn Roloson, and Ryder Stone.

Eighth-grade Principal's List: Front (from left): Kaya Stanton, Dylan Stanton, Justin Somers, and Karlee McClenon, Michael Hunter, Lillian Conrow, Natalie Hoffman, Aubrie Green, Raegan Foster, and Samantha Barnes. Missing: lzabella Armstrong, Elias Bayne, Jaylin Clinton, Dawson Gregory, Harley Mullineaux, Samantha Scofield, Samuel Smith, Tripp Taylor, and Tyler Yakalis.

Eighth-grade Honor Roll (from left): Amirrah Budine, Evelyn Brooker, Marco Possemato Jr., Katherine Gorence, Lucas Furgeson, Cale MacNeill, and Payton Landry. Missing: Jayden Campbell, Kraygin Constable, and Savannah Morales.