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Wax Museum 2019 Wax museum held in third-grade class
The annual tradition of Jodie Day’s third-grade class holding a wax museum continued this year as the final part of a research project.

During the project, students work on an autobiography, and share important items with the class. Items can be anything, such as photos, jewelry, sports cards, or other things. The project is done at the end of the year, as it allows students to learn things about classmates.

After that project, students then research another person, write a biography, and create a fact poster to display information about that person. The final step is to dress the part, have props, and pretend to be wax forms of the person.
Notice: Academic calendar change
NOTICE: There is a change in the end of the academic calendar for the 2018-19 school year for students in grades UPK-6. The last day for students will now be Monday, June 24. Staff will still be in attendance on June 25, working on professional development. Thank you. 
Corning Museum of Glass trip 2019 Class visits Corning Museum of Glass
Thanks to a grant from the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation, middle school art teacher Lara Fassler had the chance to take her 8th-grade class on a field trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. 
The $840 grant went toward the cost of the trip, which allowed each student the opportunity to create a free glass flower. It also helped provide pizza and drinks for all on the trip. 
2019 Walton athletic awards Walton CSD holds athletic awards
The Walton Central School District held its annual athletic awards ceremony at the beginning of the month in the high school auditorium.

Awards from each sport, as well as special awards, were handed out during the ceremony.

Four people – former athletic director/coach Andy Gates, former coach Kelly Gates, retired Reporter sports writer Tom Coddington, and former WDLA broadcaster Ron Galley were also honores.  
For a list of winners and more photos, please click the "read more" link. 
Simple machines project 2019 Fourth-grade class creates amusement park
Students in Ian Clerkin’s fourth-grade class learned about six types of simple machines in the world. 
The students were shown examples and how the machines help objects work more efficiently. They then started to look for examples both in the classroom and around the school, identifying the characteristics that made it a simple machine. Finally, students took this knowledge and discovered that amusement parks had quite a few examples. 
Following all of this, the class completed a project that required them to design an amusement park, complete with rides that featured one or more of these simple machines. Finally, they chose one of these rides to bring to life, either by using physical materials or by using TinkerCad, a 3D rendering program to 3D print their location. 
Fourth-grade class hikes to white rock Fourth-grade class hikes to White Rock
Crystal Wood’s fourth-grade class hiked to White Rock recently, experiencing a place that students can see on the hillside, but a place in which many had not visited. 
Fourth-grade teacher Lindsay Johnson and aide Carol George accompanied the students on the trip, as well as retired WCS science teacher Frank Ward, who served as a nature guide.
During the hike, the class picked up garbage along the trail, filling a full large garbage bag with trash. Students enjoyed the experience of the hike.
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Last day of school for K-6
Mon Jun 24 2019
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