Students in Sal Salvia’s manufacturing class finished up a project where they built four-string guitars.

During the annual project, the class worked in a manufacturing-style setup to make the pieces for the guitar. When that aspect was complete, they were divided up by choosing a number to find out which pieces each student would get to do for the final assembly and finish their own personal guitar. 

Please see below for photos of the students with finished projects!

Front: Teacher Sal Salvia. Second row (from left): Dominic Armstrong, Derek Basile, Sabastion Thompson, Makara MacGibbon, Haden Robinson, Kamrin Stanton, and Jeff Shelton. Back (from left):vGarrett Copeland, Peter DeBrock, Nate Harrington, Zack Gardner, Christopher Schamber, and Alex Babcock. Missing: Joseph Clark and Ben Sanford.

Front (from left): Teacher Sal Salvia, Tristen McClenon, Elijah Jones, and Logan Beardslee. Second row (from left): Mrs. Gleason, Killian mcGowan, James Koji, Camden Endress, Darrin Walley, Josh Gladstone, Jaxon Backus, Lucas Rice, and Michael Johnson, Blair Brown, Damien Watson, and William Neske. Missing: Ethan Copeland.