Updated May 18 with full BOE results

Voters in the Walton Central School District approved the proposed 2022-23 budget of $22,866,338.

The final budget vote was:

Yes: 174 
No: 50

“We want to thank the Walton Central School District community for supporting the budget,” Walton Superintendent Dr. Michael MacDonald said.  "We appreciate the continued support of our students and staff. This budget allows us to maintain our programming and gives our students the best opportunities.” 

 Voters also elected three members to the Board of Education. The final tally was as follows:

Kevin Charles: 181
Richard DuMond Jr.: 32 (write in)
Alan Budine: 24 (write in)

Voters also approved a proposition to lease three new buses for five years, at a net cost of no greater than $343,000. The final tally on that vote was:

Yes: 170
No: 56

Also decided was the William B. Ogden Free Library budget. That was passed by a final tally of 154-73. The library budget is voted on via the school budget because of state law; however, it is not part of the district budget.