Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2019

MS gingerbread house winners

The middle school took part in the annual gingerbread house building competition before the winter break.
The winners are below.  

6th grade

6th grade best design 
Best design: Teahgan Tompkins-Hitt and CJ Chamber.

 6th grade most festive
Most Festive: Hannah Velardi, Acadia Gates, Olivia Hulse, and Addison Yetto. 
6th grade most creative
Most Creative: Camden Endress, Peyton Petitt, Graham Piccinich, and Alex Babcock. 

 6th grade best story
Best Story: Aurora Siniscalchi, Aiden Chambers, Jordan Covey, and Makenna MacGibbon.

7th grade

7th grade best design 
Best Design: Allene Vesterfelt, Eve Foster, Isabella Yetto, and Elle Rhinehart. 

7th Most Festive 
Most Festive: Cadance Stanton, Justice Sawyer, and Monica Wright. 

7th grade most festive 
Most Creative: Abbie Brown, Mackenzie Backus, and Alicia Dolce. 

7th grade best story 
Best Story: Troy Angevine, Jayden Burns, and Devan Sikorski.

8th grade

8th grade best design 
Best Design: Elizabeth Bullis and Lauren Winans-Houck. 

7th grade most festive 
Most Festive: Phineas Prior, Logan Grossman, and Meyer Little. Missing: Ayden Quinn. 

8th grade most creative 
Most Creative: Paige Moody and Elizabeth Richards. 

8th grade best story 
Best Story: Alex Houck, Hazzie Halstead, Caden Walley, and John Whiteside.