Posted Friday, January 4, 2019

Five fall teams earn scholar-athlete honors

All five of Walton’s fall sports teams earned scholar-athlete honors from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) for the 2018 season.
Those pictured below are those on the scholar-athlete teams who achieved a GPA of 90 and above. 
The volleyball team had the top average among the five teams, with a 95.57. Girls soccer was second (95.50), followed by field hockey (94.93), boys soccer (92.93), and football (90.17). 
The Midstate Athletic Conference scholar-athletes, recognized as the top GPA on each team, are also pictured below. 

Volleyball (95.57): Front (from left): Faith Bakker, Tianna Gladstone, and Madison Greene. Back (from left): Alyssa McNeil, Emma Walley, and Jamie Klein. Missing: Hunter McGonigle.

Girls soccer (95.50): Front (from left): Chrissy Huntress, Celestine Mingle, Emma Harby, Brittney Closs, and Riley MacDonald. Middle (from left): Raina Howe, Alaina Tweedie, Madison Graupman, Sophie Wagner, Olivia Haven, and Sophia Elston. Back (from left): Grace Rhinehart, Elissa Beach, Madison LeBarge, Olivia Harby, McKenzie Clough, and Kiara Kinch.

Field hockey (94.93): Front (from left): Kali Bosket, Carissa Crandall, Madison Barnes, Katelynn Brooks,  and Allison Charles. Middle (from left): Meghan Bartlett, Jordan Johnston, Katelynn Ostrander, Alexis O’Connor, Emma Caprio, and Brynne Backus. Back (from left): Kylee Wiggans, Maranda Klinger, Annaliese DelBalso, Jordynn Palmatier, and Camberly VanValkenburg.

Boys soccer (92.93): Front(from left): Drew Gates, Tracer Howland, Cael howland, Vincent Escobar, Nolan Church, and Lucas Walley. Back (from left): Ethan Wood, Brett Charles, Jose Mirabal, Tommy Maguire, River Reed, and Isaac Vesterfelt. Missing: Justin Rolfe

MAC (from left): Tianna Gladstone (volleyball), Maranda Klinger (field hockey), Dylan Jacob (football), Vincent Escobar (boys soccer), and Olivia Harby (girls soccer).