Recently, Townsend Elementary honored fourth and fifth graders with awards for honor roll, Principal’s List, and Superintendent’s List, as well as for the NED Citizenship awards, and the Do Your Best, Never Give Up, and Encouraging Others awards.

These awards are for the third quarter. 

Photos of the award winners are below.

Fourth-grade Superintendent’s List (from left): Ava Hoover, Noah Hood, Brystal Hunt, Danielle Miller, Finn Kane, Zoey Kille, Averie Williams, and Reed LaTourette.

Fourth-grade Principal’s List (from left): Madison Hoffman, Connor Stanton, Callan Neale, Levi Wickham, Jayden Wright, Annabelle Wagner, and Lillie Beers.

Fourth-grade Honor Roll:  Front (from left): Amelia Darling, Autumn Gerace, Zena Mills, Aliya Carman, Korbyn McDonald, and Ava Hall.  Back (from left): Tylee Northrup, Josh Middleton, Martie Foster, Donny Ford, Rylee Mead, and Haven Barnes.

Fourth-grade Citizenship (from left): Madison Hoffman, Zoey Kille, Annabelle Wagner, and Haven Barnes.

Fourth-grade Never Give up (from left): Tylee Northrup, Finn Kane, Kenzley Stone, and Madeline Cash.

Fourth-grade Encouraging Others (from left): Connor Stanton, Levi Wickham, Rylee Mead, and Alastriona Owens.

Fourth grade Do Your Best (from left): Jenaveve Butler, Zena Mills, and Blaze D'Angelo. Missing: John Blanchard.


Fifth-grade Superintendent’s List (from left): Kayleigh Ostrander, Maia Fassler, and Julianna Roy.

Fifth-grade Principal’s List (from left): Richelle Wood, Owen Hodges, and Colton Walley.

Fifth-grade honor roll: Gabe Padgett, Malena Moore, Noah Hood, Landen Branigan, Brandon Hitt, Nolan Evans, and Tristan VanLoan.

Fifth-grade Citizenship (from left): Jersey Forrest, Conner Dean, Landen Reed, and Tristan VanLoan.

Fifth-grade Never Give up (from left): Braxton Wood, Laney Duvall, Richelle Wood, and Landon Darcy.

Fifth-grade Encouraging Others (from left): Brandon Hitt, Nolan Evans, Cayden Garone, and Ryan Somers.

Fifth-grade Do Your Best (from left): Kalea Boulanger, Matthew Sietsma, and Julianna Roy. Missing: Jacob Doig.