2022 Townsend Elementary Spelling Bee winners

Pictured, from left are grade-level winners: Daphne Schmidt, Autumn Gerace, Tristan VanLoan, and Townsend Elementary Principal Melanie Hector. 

The 24th annual Townsend Elementary School Spelling Bee was recently held in the school auditorium. 

Spelling classroom winners were invited to the evening event to represent their class in the competition. The students spell in rounds until a winner is named at each grade level. 

Grade-level winners were: 

  • Daphne Schmidt (third grade)
  • Autumn Gerace (fourth grade)
  • Tristan VanLoan (fifth grade). 

Other finalists who competed were Miranda Schmidt, Lena Storrer, Preston VanLoan, Trent Neville, Danielle Miller, Haven Barnes, Will Voorhies, Annabelle Wagner, Madison Hoffman, Kalea Bulanger, Destiny Jacobson, Julianna Roy, Landen Reed and Malena Moore. 

This year's moderator was Townsend Principal Melanie Hector.