First aid class students

The first half of the spring semester for the Personal Health and Safety Class was spent being trained and certified in adult, child, and pediatric first aid/CPR/AED. The class is taught by physical education teacher Megan Loomis, who is also a certified instructor for these disciplines. 

The class uses the American Red Cross curriculum to learn and practice skills about DPR, AED, choking, sudden illness, life-threatening bleeding, injuries, and environmental energies. 

The Red Cross month celebration has been an annual tradition since 1943, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the first proclamation for the month. The American Red Cross recognizes trainees in the month of March. Each student in the class wanted to wear red and share why they chose to take this class to become certified in lifesaving skills. 

Jonica Green (sophomore): 

“I am getting certified because I have family members with health conditions. Being able to help them in times of need would be a great thing to do.” 

Jill Wright (senior): 

“I want to get certified to help my community and many other people in case they are in need. Being certified in CPR/AED/first aid can help with lots of things and it looks good for any job you apply for. I’m a babysitter on occasion and this is something that’s extremely important to know, not only in these situations but in general everyday life because things can change within an instant. I want to know how to help and I want to be there for people in case no one else is.”

Lacey Bailey (sophomore): “I want to be certified because I am able to help my family and anyone else if anything were to happen. If I ever decide to babysit, I'm certified just in case anything happens.” 

Rob Conklin (junior): 

“I am getting certified to help more in times of need and I need this certification for lifeguarding.”

Kerenna Jacobs (junior): 

“I feel that it is important to know CPR and what to do when an emergency is happening.”