The Walton Central School District has been notified by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Walton Fire Department of an incident downtown, which has caused the closure of Water Street, and part of Delaware Street. While the school buildings are not directly at risk, we are working through dismissal plans. 

At dismissal, no buses will be allowed: 

  • Across Bridge Street
  • Down Delaware Street

Walkers can’t: 

  • Cross over Bridge Street
  • Walk on part of Delaware Street

Walkers at both campuses: 

  • If they need to cross over Bridge Street, they will be bussed via an alternate route. Drop-off locations will be at the bus garage and the Castle. If they are walking to the same side of the river their building is on, they will be allowed but need to avoid Delaware Street and Bridge Street. 

For students being picked up/drivers:

  • If parents are picking up students, dismissal will be normal as long as not crossing over Bridge Street. This is for the MS/HS and Townsend Elementary. 
  • Drivers at the HS will be released normally, but will not be able to cross over Bridge Street and will need to use alternate routes to get home. 

After-school activities: 

  • All after-school activities for April 5 are postponed. This includes all sporting events and practices. 

PLEASE NOTE: Because of alternate routes and added students needing to be taken safely to opposite sides of Bridge Street, there will be noticeable delays for buses.