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The Walton Central School District launched a new website and mobile app Tuesday afternoon. 

The website, created by Apptegy, is menu driven and makes it easier to navigate. The district, as well as each school building, has newsfeeds and a live stream. There is also a menu at the top of the page that will drop down to give you different options for information, 

The live feed is a snapshot of activities going on within each school and the district. Think of it as Walton CSD’s own social media feed. 

One of the best features is the mobile application, which works in sync with the website. You can access everything through the mobile app as you would through the website. The app is an easy way to keep up on what is happening at the district, and through it you can subscribe to the district, or individual schools as well as allow for push notifications and more. 

“We are excited for the release of our upgraded website and app, which is focused on two key elements – increased communication and recognition of our students’ accomplishments and activities,” Walton CSD Superintendent Michael MacDonald said. “We hope you enjoy it!” 

Please see below for a video about the new mobile app: 

To download the mobile app, please use the following links: 

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