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Walton earns Safety Excellence Award
This past spring, the Walton Central School District was one of 145 school districts and BOCES in New York State to receive the Utica National Insurance Group’s “School Safety Excellence Award” for 2016.

Walton was honored at the titanium level, which is the highest level a school can reach. Last year, WCS earned the award at the platinum level. Schools need to reach specific criteria for each level.
Three Walton seniors honored at Excellence in Education event
Three seniors at Walton Central School were honored by Senator John Bonacic during his annual “Excellence in Education” event in Albany this past June.

The seniors from Walton honored were Makayla Klinger, Julia Steitz, and Morgan Taddeo.
Walton Regional Livestock Show held in June

The Walton Regional Livestock Show, which was co-founded by the Walton Central School District FFA, was held in June at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

The event is to encourage and promote the breeding, raising, and marketing of better livestock and farm products, as well as promoting and maintaining research and educational functions within the area livestock and agricultural industry.
Third graders have “ferret frenzy”
In June, Amanda Bauer’s third-grade class made the trip to the high school to visit Tina Miner-James’ class and see the ferrets at the school.

Bauer owns three ferrets and her class has been learning about them throughout the year, as well as hearing about their antics. The animal lab at the high school has ferrets, and it was arranged by Townsend Principal Mike Snider for Bauer’s ferrets to hang out with the ones in the lab.
Townsend remembers for Memorial Day
Townsend Elementary students were asked to color pictures or write a poem or story about what Memorial Day meant to them.  
Catching up
Over the next few weeks, the Walton Central School website, as well as social media accounts, will have stories, photos, and videos from events and other happenings at the school over the past couple of months.

It’s a way to look back at the school year and see some things that may have been missed or from events with extras (such as video) that haven’t been seen. We hope you enjoy and are having a great summer!
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