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Townsend Elementary School
Townsend Elementary School
42-66 North St.
Walton, NY 13856
(607) 865-5220 
Secretaries: Jami Aubin (ext. 4076); Patty Wood (ext. 4077).
School Counselor : Beth Howland (ext. 4031)
Nurse's office: Lee Ann Otto (ext. 4029) 
Attendance office: ext. 4063 
Note to parents: Please stop by the main office to sign your child in if he or she is tardy. Also, please remember to call your child in if they are absent, and send an excuse when the child returns to school.

Please have your children dressed appropriately for recess. We go outside if it's 20 degrees or above.

If your child has had to borrow clothing from the health office, please wash it and return it to the health office as soon as possible, so it's available for others to borrow. Thank you.
Townsend Elementary News
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Over the past few years, the Walton Central School District has undergone several changes.

With that in mind, the district keeps evolving as we move forward. Our students and staff continue to grow and do tremendous things inside and outside of the classrooms. Our athletics teams compete at the highest level each year. Our music programs always impress, and our arts programs have proven to showcase the talent from our students. 

We evolve, and will keep doing so in a positive manner to make the district, and our community, proud. 
townsend awards Townsend Elementary: Fourth quarter awards
Please follow the "read more" link to see the fourth-quarter awards for Townsend Elementary.  
Townsend awards: Third quarter (4th/5th grades)
Fourth- and fifth-grade award winners for the third quarter at Townsend Elementary. 
Please click the "read more" link to see photos.  
2019 UPK Celebration 2019 UPK Celebration!
Before the end of the school year, the UPK classes held the annual end-of-year celebration! The event featured the students singing, as well as receiving certificates. 
For a full gallery of photos, please click the "read more" link!  
Museum March 2019 Fifth-grade museum march
Each year, the fifth graders take a field trip to New York City to visit the Museum of Natural History. To help fund the trip, the students do a “museum march” where they walk around the block several times. Before that, however, they gather sponsors among family and friends. 
For a gallery of photos, please click the "read more" link. 

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