Townsend Elementary

Townsend Elementary School

Townsend Elementary School
42-66 North St.
Walton, NY 13856
(607) 865-5220 
Principal: Amanda Hoover
Secretaries: Jami Aubin (ext. 4076); Patty Wood (ext. 4077).
School Counselor : Beth Howland (ext. 4031)
Nurse's office: Lee Ann Otto (ext. 4029) 
Attendance office: ext. 4063 
Note to parents: Please stop by the main office to sign your child in if he or she is tardy. Also, please remember to call your child in if they are absent, and send an excuse when the child returns to school.

Please have your children dressed appropriately for recess. We go outside if it's 20 degrees or above.

If your child has had to borrow clothing from the health office, please wash it and return it to the health office as soon as possible, so it's available for others to borrow. Thank you.

Townsend Elementary News

TS edible books at open house

Edible books at Townsend Elementary open house

At this year’s Townsend Elementary open house, Walton CSD librarian Barb Geidel encouraged fifth graders to make an edible book for display in the library. 
Ten students opted to put their creative skills to work, creating edible editions of their favorite books.
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Orange and Black Day 2019

Homecoming weekend!

On Thursday, the Walton Central School District celebrated Orange and Black Day in preparation for homecoming weekend!
At Townsend, the school was a sea of orange and black. At the high school and middle school, not only were school colors prevalent, but the annual pep rally happened at the end of the day!
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A capella group performs at WCS

Music on the Delaware presents a capella group to WCSp

Last week, the a cappella group Backtrack performed an assembly at Townsend Elementary School, and then had a workshop with the chorus at the middle/high school. 
The events were sponsored by Music on the Delaware. 
During the elementary school event, the students showed amazement at Johnny Buffalo, the group’s beatboxer. He carried the beat and blended the sound of voices from the other members, bringing the songs to life. The group also demonstrated different voice ranges and how they practice songs. 
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Crush Tackles Hunger 2019

Crush Tackles Hunger taking place this week

The varsity football team once again is taking part in “Crush Tackles Hunger,” a food drive to help give back to the community.

The program collects food at each school at Walton CSD, donates to the Walton food bank. On Friday, the program was shown to students at Townsend Elementary by six senior football players.

Noah Aubin, Morgan Condon, Dylan Jacob, Max Jacob, Nick Lamoreaux, and Cody Ray went to Townsend to explain the food drive to students, as well as ask them to bring a non-perishable food item to school.
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Kindergarten class finds the gingerbread man!

Kindergarten classes finds the gingerbread man!

At the start of the school year, kindergarten classes went on the search for a gingerbread man. He was eventually found in Principal Amanda Hoover’s office, after running in the hall.  More +


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