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Seventh graders again raise money for “Water for South Sudan”
 Water for South Sudan
For the second straight year, seventh graders have raised money for the cause Water for South Sudan.
Water For Sudan, Inc., which is the organization the seventh graders raised money for, has been drilling wells in South Sudan since 2005. This has profoundly affected the lives of more than 500,000 people. Each well provides more than fresh, safe water. Once a well is in a village, children can spend their days in school, and mothers can spend more time planting and harvesting more nutritious food for their families. Also, villagers can make bricks to build permanent structures. Whole villages also set up markets to increase the economy. 
Walton’s students raised nearly $1,200, surpassing the goal of $1,000. Students walked four miles, which helped signify how some people must walk up to eight hours each day for water. 
Walton’s students raised $1,420, which went well past the original goal of $500. Students walked three miles on the track at Walton, which signified how some people must walk up to eight hours each day for water.