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Townsend third graders once again win Watershed contest
Students in Angie Bayne’s third-grade class were announced as winners of the 33rd annual Water Resources and Poetry Contest, an annual event run by the New York City DEP. 
It’s the second straight year Bayne’s class won the spot for an outstanding poetry entry. 
This year, more than 1,600 watershed and New York City students took part in the contest.
The poem comes out of library class, where librarian Barb Geidel works with the students on a research project about the history and science of the Cannonsville Reservoir and the environment. The final project is to write a collaborative poem and submit it to the contest. 
The class was selected to recite the poem in celebration, but travel constraints and timing made it difficult for the student to get to New York City.
A video of the class reading was sent, and presented at the awards ceremony. 
The class poem is below.
“The Water We Share”
The sky is blue
The water is too
We need to drink
It keeps us alive
It needs to be clean
To help us thrive
Fresh water is healthy
Fresh water is cool
It goes in our bodies
And acts as our fuel
We share it with New York City
So they can have water, too
They knocked down towns to create the reservoir
So it can flow to you
Water is shared
With me and you
Please see below for the video of the class reading the poem.