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Townsend Elementary award winners: third quarter

Congratulations to all third-quarter award winners at Townsend Elementary! 

Here are the third-quarter award winners for Townsend Elementary.  
Superintendent's List 4th grade
Superintendent’s List (from left): Colton Walley, Trystan VanLoan, Julianna Roy, and Malena Moore.
Principal's List 4th grade
Principal’s List: Front (from left): Brandon Hitt, Kalea Boulanger, and Logan Gregory Jr. Back (from left): Nolan Evans, Richelle Wood, Maia Fassler, and Kayleigh Ostrander. 
Honor Roll fourth grade
Honor Roll: Front (from left): Jackson Sweeney, Austin Scutt, Lillian Jackson, Kailee Lindsay, Taylor Townsend, Jacob Doig, Jali Shelton, and Liam Pettit. Middle (from left): Anthoni Ildefonso, Cayden Garone, Laney Duvall, Michael Zanini, Landen Reed, Kendyll McDonald, and Zachary Sanford-Quick. Back (from left): Gabe Padgett, Hunter Lambrecht, Dallas Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Zander Stanton, Liam Bartlett, TJ Catalano, and Conner Dean. 
Citizenship Award fourth grade
Citizenship Award (from left): Emma Moss, Maia Fassler, Zachary Sanford-Quick, and Trystan VanLoan. 

Do your best award fourth grade
Do Your Best Award (from left): TJ Catalano, Layne Nichols, Cayden Garone, Maria Salimbangon, and Taylor Townsend. 

Encourage others award fourth grade
Encourage Others Award (from left): Logan Gregory Jr., Kendyll McDonald, Kalea Boulanger, Austin Scutt, and Rilynn Daye. 

Never give up award fourth grade
Never Give Up Award (from left): Liam Bartlett, Shay Johnson, Jali Shelton, Carson Armstrong, and Ryan Somers.
Superintendent's List fifth grade
Superintendent’s List (from left): Kennedy Williams and Mayla Evans.

Principal's List fifth grade
Principal’s List: Front (from left): Ava Merwin, Lila Trimbell, Brynlee Hunt, and Esther Salvia. Back (from left): Paige LeBarge, Anika Fassler, Adam Rice, and Corbin Walley.
Honor Roll fifth grade
Honor Roll (from left): Addyso VanValkenburg, Liam Kane, Ryan Alessi, and Jacob Constable. 
Citizenship Award fifth grade
Citizenship Award (from left): Aimee Furgeson and Paige LeBarge. Missing: Levi McDonald.
Do your best award fifth grade
Do Your Best Award (from left): Lucas Rice and Esther Salvia. Missing: Annalia Yetto
Encourage Others fifth grade
Encourage Others Award (from left): Mayla Evans, Reaghan VanTyle, and Aaliyah Stanton.
Never give up award fifth grade
Never Give Up Award (from left): Clover Butler, Alexa Scofield, and Lila Trimbell.

Posted Monday, July 12, 2021