Middle school: First quarter awards

Those honored for making the honor roll, Principal’s List, and Superintendent’s List for the first quarter in the George F. Mack Middle School are pictured below. 

2019 MS First Quarter_6thgr_HonRol
Sixth grade Honor Roll: Front (from left): Hayleigh Weil, Joseph Sanford, Shaun Simpson, Carson Scofield, and Kyle Schamber. Second row (from left): Anthony Navas, Samantha Maus, Alaina Muller, Caleb Kingsbury, Peter DeBrock, Ethan Copeland, Joseph Clark, and Aiden Branigan. Back (from left) Kyle Wickham, DeLaura Manzer, Phade Lindsay, Hailie Ferranti, Joshua Gladstone, Olivia Bartlett, Jaxon Backus, and Dean of Students Ryan Ashlaw. Missing: Daniel Taranin.

2019 MS First Quarter_6th_principals 
Sixth grade Principal's List: Front (from left): Arwen Tracey, Christopher Caffery, Lo Robinson, Hayden Robinson, Steven Plank, Gwynavere Northrup, Jaylynn MacRabie, Maddox Little, David Hoyt, and Chayce Albanese. Middle (from left): Alyson Siar, Angelas Mills, Nathaniel Harrington, Gavin Harrington, London Gardner, Maddison Barnes, Christian Faulkner, and Michael Johnson. Back (from left): Delana Wood, Lucas Rice, Killian McGowan, Emelia Kilmer, Katelynn Gregory, Caden Scofield, Blair Brown, Olivia Barnes, Gianna Armstrong, Leah Ackerman, and Middle School Principal Adam Hoover. Missing: Russell Finn and Michael Hanrahan.

2019 MS First Quarter_6th_superintendents 
Sixth grade Superintendent's List: Front (from left): John Napoleone, Kahrin Vesterfelt, Layne VanValkenburg, Delaney Kilmurray, Abigail Doig, and Chasidy Constable. Back (from left): Interim Superintendent Larry Thomas, Elijah Williams, Kylie Wood, Carter McNamara, Catelyn and Cooksey.

2019 MS First Quarter_7thgr_Honorroll 
Seventh grade Honor Roll: Front (from left): Cheyanne Young, Sabastion Thompson, Jacob Morse, Raleigh Gardepe, Nicholas Loukasgiles II, Austin Miller, and Brody Moore. Middle (from left): Madison VanFossen, Paige Smith, Elijah Prior, Patience Pankiewicz, Avery Hitt, Alex Babcock, Riley Boulanger, J.R. Allen, Jr., and Jaden Serra. Back (from left): Abigail Wright, Landon Taylor, Landen Stanton, Cadence Clark, Michael Mack, Maxwell Dutcher, and Dean of Students Ryan Ashlaw. Missing: Maya Meeks.

2019 MS First Quarter_7thgrade_principals 
Seventh grade Principal's List: Front (from left): Damien Watson, Timothy Tweedie Jr., Emma Thomson, Peyton Pettit, Clarissa Maus, Evan Koji, and Syriana Butler. Back (from left): Anthony Soto, Camden Endress, Aiden Chambers, Madison Armstrong, Paige Barriger, Reese Underwood, and Middle School Principal Adam Hoover.

2019 MS First Quarter_7th_superintendents 
Seventh grade Superintendent's List: Front (from left): Malachi Barringer, William Neske, Olivia Hulse, and Interim Superintendent Larry Thomas. Middle (from left): Hannah Velardi, Amelia Somers, Caragh O'Connor, MaryClaire Mascioli, and Jordan Covey. Back (from left): Addison Yetto, Aurora Siniscalchi, Elijah Jones, Makenna MacGibbon, Emma Wood, and Addyson Trimbell.

2019 MS First Quarter_8th_honorroll 
Eighth grade Honor Roll: Front (from left): Seth Hunter, Kadance Maus, Kyle Miller, and Colton Lum. Middle (from left): Mikaylee Woodin, Justice Sawyer, Leah Ferguson, Aireonna Beardslee, Arianna Bohle, and Brianna D'Addezio. Back (from left): Aron Northrup, Joseph Fay, Frank Brown, Alyssa Ferguson, Kylee Carlson, and Dean of Students Ryan Ashlaw. Missing: Amanda Brooks, Meka Merwin, and Christopher Swiatek.

 2019 MS First Quarter_8th_principals
Eighth grade Principal's List: Front (from left): Jacob Scofield, Holden Church, Marlena Carman, Akyra Barriger, and Dominick Armstrong. Back (from left): Monica Wright, Alicia Dolce, OIivia Murphy, Devin Gregory, Kyndra Church, and Middle School Principal Adam Hoover. Missing: Daisy Haven, and Colby Phraner. 

2019 MS First Quarter_8th_superintendents 
Eighth grade Superintendent’s List: Allene Vesterfelt, Ella Rhinehart, Faith Lambert, David Gatchalian, Mackenzie Backus, and Adara Allen. Back (from left): Interim Superintendent Larry Thomas, Isabella Yetto, Jonica Green, Caroline Gorence, Eve Foster, and Marissa Barlow. Missing: Isabelle Driscoll. 

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