Townsend awards: Third quarter (4th/5th grades)

Award winners for the third quarter at Townsend Elementary. 
5th grade third quarter superintendent's list
Superintendent’s List: Front: Interim Superintendent Larry Thomas. Back (from left): Kylie Wood, Carter McNamara, and Eli Williams. 

5th grade principals list 3rd quarter 2019 
Principal’s List: Front (from left): Former Principal Mike Snider, Kahrin Vesterfelt and Chasidy Constable. Middle (from left): Gavin Harrington and Nate Harrington. Back (from left): Catelyn Cooksey, Gianna Armstrong, and Chris Caffery. 

5th grade honor roll 3rd quarter 2019 
Honor roll: Front (from left): Layne VanValkenburg and Abigail Doig. Middle (from left): Arwen Tracey, Angelas Mills, Maddox Little, and Delaney Kilmurray. Back (from left): Delana Wood, Katelynn Gregory, London Gardiner, Anthony Navas, and Lucas Rice. 

Fifth grade citizenship 2019 3rd quarter 
Citizenship (from left): Emelia Kilmer, Olivia Bartlett, Layne VanValkenburg, and Eli Williams.

3rd quarter 5th grade never give up 
NED award – Never give up (from left): Steven Plank, Kylie Wood, Gavin Harrington, and Caleb Kingsbury.

5th grade encourage others 3rd quarter 2019 
NED award – Encourage others (from left): Chayce Albanese, Darrin Walley, Michael Johnson, and Catelyn Cooksey.

5th grade do your best 3rd quarter 2019 
NED award – Do your best (from left): Kahrin Vesterfelt, Maddox Little, Alaina Muller, and Chasidy Constable.
3rd quarter 4th grade superintendents list 
Superintendent’s List: Front (from left): Henry Wilcox, Jaedyn Roloson, and Anderson McEntee. Middle (from left): Marcus Marano, Lucas Carr, and Sapphira Boycott. Back (from left):  Interim Superintendent Larry Thomas, Alivia Conklin and Parker Cash. 

Fifth grade principal's list 3rd quarter 2019 
Principal’s List: Front (from left): Samuel Smith, and Dylan Stanton. Middle (from left): Former Principal Mike Snider, Kai Storrer, Maisy Rhinehart and Helena Cooksey. Back (from left): Ethan Hall, Natalie Hoffman, Matias Navis, and Traci Navas.

4th grade honor roll 3rd quarter 2019 
Honor Roll: Front (from left): Ryder Stone, Justin Somers, Aubrie Green, Evelyn Brooker, and Elias Bayne. Middle (from left): Tripp Taylor, Tyler Reed, Karlee McClenon, Raegan Foster, and April Conway. Back (from left): Dawson Gregory, Lillian Conrow, Sapphira Boycott, Lorelei Angevine, and Katherine Gorence.

4th grade citizenship 3rd quarter 2019 
Citizenship award (from left): Alivia Conklin, Raegan Foster, and Helena Cooksey.

4th grade never give up 3rd quarter 2019 
NED award – Never give up (from left): Anderson McEntee, Natalie Hoffman, and Kraygin Constable.

Encouraging others 2019 4th grade 3rd quarter 
NED award – Encourage others (from left): Tripp Taylor, Cale MacNeill, and Maisy Rhinehart.

4th grade do your best 3rd quarter 2019 
NED award – Do your best (from left): Samuel Smith, Katherine Gorence, and Colton Cooper.

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