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Gingerbread man hiding away
A tradition from the past was made even bigger this year. 
For many years, Mrs. Carey’s second-grade class made a fun gingerbread game for the first week of school for Alice Vanburen’s kindergarten students. 

This year, for the first time, more students got in on the fun.
Fifth graders in Jean Maxwell’s class read “The Gingerbread Man” book to all second-grade classes, and then they made clues for the kindergarten classes to follow and find him. 
Second grade classes of Amanda Bauer, Chrissy Evans, Carolyn Dutcher, and Tina Ammon then baked the pieces to make the gingerbread man. Wendy LeBarge’s third-grade class also baked pieces, as well as making the “missing” signs to hang in the hallway and increase the suspense during the “hunt.”
Kindergarten teachers Chrissy Condon, Carol Decker, Betsy Stinson, and VanBuren read their students the book before setting out on adventure through the school to find the gingerbread man. They read the clues that took them to the cafeteria, library, computer lab, and finally to Principal Mike Snider’s office, where they found the gingerbread man had been sent for running in the halls. 
The students were thrilled with the game and seeing the gingerbread man. They were even more excited when they had the chance to share him with the older students during snack time.
For a gallery of photos, please see below.  
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