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Shattered Dreams presented at WCS
Those involved in the accident scene of Shattered Dreams 2019. 
Students and staff involved in the accident scene before "Shattered Dreams" started on Wednesday at Walton CSD. 
The Walton Central School District presented “Shattered Dreams” on Wednesday afternoon to its high school students and staff. 
A student-driven production, Shattered Dreams shows the consequences of drunk or impaired driving.
Walton last presented this program in 2015.
About 20 students were involved in the production, which included a video, a mock accident, and a funeral following the accident.
The initial video showed the kids at a party where they were drinking. After an incident between some of the kids, one called a teacher to come pick her up. The rest of the students left the party as well, knowing the teacher would be calling the police. At one point, the teacher and student she picked up had to turn around to retrieve something and on their way back to the party house. On the way back, they had a head-on accident with a car full of those leaving the party. 
The video ended there and the students in the auditorium were taken to the front of the high school, where the mock accident was set up.
Students walked to the scene where they saw panic from those involved. Police soon arrived, followed by fire and EMS, as well as the funeral home.
The scene unfolded much like one would see in real time – the emergency personnel extracted the injured and the driver of the one car was questioned by police, given a sobriety test and taken away in handcuffs. 
Following the scene, students returned to the auditorium where they witnessed a remembrance of life, with several people speaking about the teacher they lost. 
Local organizations involved included the Walton Police Department, Walton Fire Department and EMS squads, Delaware County Emergency Services, and Courtney Funeral Home.
The main student organizers for this were Camberly VanValkenberg, Natalie Wright, and Christian Vitek, according to Danielle Cole, who served as a the faculty adviser. High school teacher Marcia Albrecht was also part of the program, serving as the deceased driver. 
For a gallery of photos from the event, please see below. 
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