Fourth-grade class creates amusement park

Students in Ian Clerkin’s fourth-grade class learned about six types of simple machines in the world. 
The students were shown examples and how the machines help objects work more efficiently. They then started to look for examples both in the classroom and around the school, identifying the characteristics that made it a simple machine. Finally, students took this knowledge and discovered that amusement parks had quite a few examples. 
Following all of this, the class completed a project that required them to design an amusement park, complete with rides that featured one or more of these simple machines. Finally, they chose one of these rides to bring to life, either by using physical materials or by using TinkerCad, a 3D rendering program to 3D print their location. 
Of the projects that were rendered via TinkerCad, they have been printed out via the school’s 3D printer via the technology department. On Monday, June 17 the final project will be printed and will be live-streamed via the school’s YouTube channel. 
For a gallery of photos of the students as they worked on their projects, please see below. 

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