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NYSED official visits Walton CSD
Jhone Ebert, the Senior Deputy for Education Policy with the New York State Department of Education, visited the Walton Central School District on Monday morning.
Ebert’s visit was to get a peek at a rural school district and she came at the invitation of Walton Superintendent Roger Clough. 
“It was an honor to have Ms. Ebert visit our district,” Clough said. “She had the chance to see a rural district and all the strides we have made to continually improve and give as many opportunities as possible to our students.”
Ebert started with a small meet-and-greet before having a roundtable with the school administrative team, and two Board of Education members.
Before the roundtable, a presentation on the strides the district has taken in technology – both in infrastructure and education – as well as information on moving forward with computer-based testing was given by Walton Director of Curriculum Jane O’Shea, Director of Technology Rick Robinson, and Instructional Technology Coordinator Crystal Trask.
During the roundtable, Ebert discussed several topics with administrators, including computer-based testing, APPR, and state testing.
She ended the visit with a tour of the school, where she visited a few classrooms, as well as seeing the agriculture classes, and some computer labs. 
“The visit was very pleasant, and the authentic learning taking place here is one of the best I’ve seen in New York State,” Ebert said. “I’m very impressed with Roger’s leadership within the district.” 
While in the agricultural wing, she had the opportunity to see different aspects, of which she said she was highly impressed.
“Erin Pierce’s integration of the shop with produce and chickens and to see all of the students not only learning a skill, but getting to see their hard work used in school lunches,” Ebert said. “It’s not only a real-life skill, but they constantly see their work being used on a daily basis.” 
For a gallery of photos from Ebert’s visit, please see below.
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