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Daily screening app issues

There are widespread reports of people not being able to use the daily screening app this morning, specifically Apples/Safari products. This sounds like it is connected to a recent Apple update, which has resulted in the screening page to keep reloading.

The fix on this for iPhones is to clear the cache in Safari for the site. For anybody who is seeing an endless loop of reloading in the screening app on iPhone/Safari, please see the attached PDF below for information on how to clear Safari’s saved data. This will clear only the dayautomation.com site, and the rest of your browser history will remain untouched.

UPDATE (April 30): Some iPhone models/versions seem to have slightly different settings than others. If the procedure yesterday did not work, or if dayautomation did not appear in the search list, users can try this instead:

- From Safari, click the bookmark icon
- Click the clock icon
- Click clear
- Click today and yesterday

That will clear out the past two days of history. If needed, you can also try clearing the entire history in a similar way. 

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