Ms. Nary


Teaching, Learning, Caring, & Growing... Together!

Classroom Rules


1.      Be Prepared – bring all required materials and a ready-to-learn attitude everyday

2.      Be Responsible – take responsibility for yourself and your education

3.      Be Respectful – there is a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful speech and actions

4.      Be Device Free – NO CELL PHONES, tablets, computers, music listening devices, etc!

Class Supplies

For all of my classes this semester, please have the following supplies:
Open Mind

Positive Attitude

Binder - at least 2 inches

Loose Leaf Paper

Textbook - expected at every class

Calculator – expected at every class

Algebra II (Trig) - Graphing Calculator no higher than TI-84+
Precalculus - Scientific Calculator TI-30X IIS
Algebra 1 - Graphing Calculators will be available in class

Pencils and Erasers

Colored Writing Utensils (Optional but suggested) - to highlight important information/tips/tricks, for noting important steps in a long problem, and for adding little extras to your notes to help yourself along the way

Index Cards Pre/Calculus - we will be learning new vocabulary and formulas that you MUST memorize. As part of each test grade, you will turn in your flashcards and study materials

At a Glance Packets Algebra I and II - will be completed before each test as part of your exam grade

All About Ms. Nary

Though we will learn a lot about each other throughout the semester, I thought I could tell you a little bit about myself to get us acquainted.
I am from a small town much like Walton, called Salamanca in the Southern Tier in New York.  I graduated top of my class then attended SUNY Brockport to get my bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics.  I then took a semester to teach algebra at Genesee Community College. In the fall of 2011, I started working on my PhD in mathematics at Syracuse University.  I taught precalculus, calculus I and calculus II, and studied knot theory, a new area of topology.
photo credit of Wikipedia 
However, I discovered that my heart lies in teaching, so once I finished all my classes and started my research, I left the program to return to my passion.  I have taught AlgebraII/Trigonomety and Geometry in summer school, and have been grading the state exams for many years.
In the past, I had the wonderful experience of teaching Precalculus, Calculus, Algebra II, and Algebra I labs.  I have been able to watch the transition to Common Core for Algebra II and am very excited for the critical thinking skills being emphasized in this new curriculum.  I also had the pleasure of watching so many sporting events and getting to know the students through my involvement in many school activities.
This year, I will continue teaching Precalculus and Calculus for college credit through the Fast Forward program through BCC.  I am thrilled that I can be a part of this wonderful opportunity for our students!  I am also teaching Math Labs, Algebra I, and Algebra II.  I will continue to be the advisor for Speech and Debate and GSA, as well as continue my work with the musical production.  I have accepted the new challenge of being co-advisor of the Drama Club with Mrs. Davies.  We put on a successful showing of Miss Holmes; a delightful murder mystery with a feminist twist!  We were able to incorporate a student-made soundtrack, sound effects, and lighting to really make the show come alive.  I look forward to our continued success and growth of the drama club!
I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the wonderful community here at Walton High School; so much so that I recently bought a house nearby!  I cannot wait to emmerse my roots in this community and grow my future here.


Here are some highlights from the classroom!
A mention in the curriculum coordinator's bulletin
The trigonometry class singing the Quadratic Formula!

Academic Fair 2016

Miss Holmes 2020

Some Updates to the Room

Contact Information

Classroom: 208 
School Phone: (607) 865 - 4116

Extra Help

It is my goal to ensure that all students are successful in my classes.  As such, I am more than willing meet to provide extra help!  I am free at the following times: Periods 1 and 2, and homeroom (with pass). Please feel free to contact me so we can schedule a time that works with both of our schedules.  
You can also Facebook message me pictures of your work so that I can provide quick individualized assistance. 
We are a learning community and can only achieve our goals by working together! 
This link also has some good online resources for extra help!
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