Parent COVID Screening

SchoolTool Screening

The Walton Central School District will instruct parents to screen their child(ren) before leaving for school by checking their temperature(s) to ensure it is below 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit, and observing for symptoms outlined by public health officials. Parents will complete the screening using SchoolTool, which can be found at the bottom of the Walton Central School District website main page under "Find it Fast."

For additional information regarding the district's screening processes and procedures, please refer to the district reopening plan.


1. How do I log into Schooltool?
A: Any parent who provided the district with an email address should have received an email from SchoolTool. The email included the following statement: The following information will allow you to access the SchoolTool parent/student portal to see grades, assignments, and attendance information. Please login to Schooltool using your email address as your username and the following password.

2. What happens if I did not receive this email?
A: Please contact the office in your child(ren)'s building, and provide them with an email address. Once completed, the district will send out a registration email again. 

3. What if my internet is not reliable enough to complete the screenings?
A: Please contact the office in your child(ren)'s building and request a paper screening pad. The pad will be sent home with your child(ren). Simply fill out a form each morning and send it in with your child(ren). The form should be handed to a building secretary. 

4. Where do I find SchoolTool?
A:  You can access SchoolTool via this link, or by visiting the district website (http://www.waltoncsd.org) and following the link at the bottom of the main page under "Find it Fast."

5. Can I do the screening via my cell phone?
A: SchoolTool can be accessed via your cell phone, though it is very important that once you log in, you rotate your phone so you can see the "user defined" tab, which provides you access to the screening. 

6. Can I do the screening if I have multiple children?
A: SchoolTool provides you with the ability to do screenings for all of your children. Once logged in, please select each child one by one and perform the screening. 

Please refer to the following video and paper documentation regarding the process:

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