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Step-By-Step Mentoring Program

Caring and Growing, together 
Mission Statement: To foster the maturation and personal growth of students exhibiting problematic or high-risk academic or social behaviors by providing a relationship with a caring adult who works to help youth achieve their potential.
Program Progress

The district implemented the Step-By-Step (staff-to-student) Mentoring Program at the high school level. Thirteen mentors and thirteen students are currently participating in the program. The group had a pizza and bowling party to kick off the program. Students and staff had a great time getting to know each other with a lot of laughter and smiles. In order to become a mentor, there is an application process and training.

At this time we would like to invite any community members who may be interested in volunteering at the school to be a mentor to a student, as well as remind staff members who have not yet been trained of the opportunity. Please contact the coordinator, Tara Sackett, at 865-4116 ext. 3130 if you are interested or would like more information. All Walton Central School District staff and community members are encouraged to participate.

Please be sure to check out our resources for both mentors and student mentees. Also, there are forms that are used used for the first meeting, which will help. Any questions, please contact Tara Sackett by calling 865-4116 ext. 3130.
Student Referral
Do you know a student who would benefit from having a mentor? Please see the student referral form for details. You may return this form to:
Walton Central School District
Attn: Tara Sackett
47-49 Stockton Avenue
Walton, NY 13856.
Are you interested in becoming a mentor to a student in grades K-12? Do you want to give back to our community by helping a young person? Are you available to meet on a regular basis? Please review the mentor job description and contract. You may return the application to:
Walton Central School District
Attn: Tara Sackett
47-49 Stockton Avenue
Walton, NY 13856
Required Forms
Below are three forms which are required for the first meeting of mentor/mentee. Please review well before your scheduled meeting.  If you have any questions please contact Tara Sackett at 607-865-4116 ext. 3130
Mentor Resources
Listed below are some documents to help you be a better mentor.
Mentee Resources
Below are many resources for mentees, such as developing a good place to study, or taking notes in class. We hope you find these helpful.
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