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Student Services

Walton Central School District Student Services


Justin Preston
Grades 10, 12 
(607) 865-4116, ext. 6132
[email protected]
Karen Gilbertson
Grades 9, 11
(607) 865-4116, ext. 6143
[email protected]
Gayla MacGibbon
High School
Student Services Secretary
(607) 865-4116, ext. 6122
Kacie Aitken
Middle School Counselor
(607) 865-4116, ext. 5148
 Beth Howland
Elementary School Counselor
(607) 865-5220, ext. 4031

Mission Statement

The goal of the Walton Central School Student Services Department is to assist all of our students in achieving their full potential. The role of our school counselors is to provide assistance, encouragement and direction to students and parents in areas such as academics, social skills, career development and to address any emotional needs.

Counselors work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents, and community organizations to help meet the needs of our student population. Our district is committed to helping our students acquire the educational, social, and vocational skills necessary to be successful in life.

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