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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Walton Central School District is a community of dedicated professionals who collaborate regularly in an effort to maintain continuous improvement and innovation in education. We explore, research, and share ideas in order to deliver an exciting educational experience for all of our students. And I mean ALL!
We are proud of our graduation rate – once again it was well above both the state average and above the individualized goal that the state set us; our students reach academic heights to boast about. However, we are constantly researching and sharing new ideas in order to become innovative problem solvers for the future. This year will see targeted professional development for our staff, based on data efficiently collected and analyzed to give us answers to the questions we chose ahead of time. We are working as a district team, not separate buildings, to insure that all students’ needs are met in terms of learning, experiences, and skill building. 
Bus drivers, principals, monitors, teachers, aides, business office personnel, custodians come together on conference days to share ideas, thoughts and concerns; we share training time because our students gain lifelong skills from all adults and it is important to us that they see caring adults who work as a team for their benefit. This year, we spread out the superintendent conference days so that we can continue to review our practices as we go through the year.
Look out for the new curriculum snapshots in January; we want to keep you informed of the work going on in the classrooms at all levels. The snapshots are just a snippet of the skills and knowledge we impart on a yearly basis; they are a work in progress, just like the constant review and revise process we undertake as a team here at Walton.
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