Class Expectations

1. Respect yourself and others:

   - Perform quality work

   - Behave in class! Be a quality audience!

   - work well with others

2. Timeliness:

   - Turn your work in on time (1 day late = 10% loss, 2 days = 20% loss, 0 thereafter)

   - Come to class on time

   - Complete tests on time. If you are absent, they must be made up within 3 days of returning or

     you receive a zero.

3. Rules:

   - Use blue or black ink, dark pencil, or type your work

   - Do not leave the room without permission (one person at a time)

   - Put your name on all papers

   - Homework must be the students own work. No copying, plagiarism, or cheating!


Ø 5% Homework

Ø 25% Classwork

Ø 25% Tests

Ø 20% Quizzes

Ø 25% Writing/Research

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