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Students create coloring book for kindergartners
Utilizing a grant from the Michelle MacNaught Foundation, Walton CSD art teacher Lara Fassler worked to create and publish copies of a coloring book for all kindergarten students at Townsend Elementary.

The book was created and made in memory of Michelle MacNaught, a talented and young artist from Delhi who passed following a battle with cancer.

Townsend Elementary art teacher Lori Cucciarre helped with the idea, including using animal drawings from the kindergarten students. This collaborative coloring book teaches kindergartners how to mix colors.

The book, titled “Coloring with our Creatures,” includes colored drawings of fantasy creatures designed by students in Fassler’s seventh-grade class. The animal drawings by the kindergarten students were added as their friends.

A group of seventh graders delivered the books to the kindergarten students, and helped them find their drawings throughout the book.

The seventh-grade students who had their drawings selected for the book are as follows (listed in alphabetical order):

Brianne Babcock, Faith Bakker, Brendan Barlow, Lacie Bolster, Josh Carr, Garrett Day, Annaliese DelBalso, Keilie Dones, Drew Gates, Zoey Gilmore, Madison Greene, Corryn Griffin, Emma Hall, Sierra Kemp, Blaine Klinger, Alexis O'Connor, Aaliyah Otto, Sophia Piro, Christina Ritter, Lucas Robinson, Ashton Scofield, Abigail Sheldon, Celeste Tracey, Meadow Wood, Jillian Wright, and Emma Yakalis.

For a gallery of photos from the seventh graders delivering the books, please see below or visit:
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