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Unity Day 2018
In late October, the Walton CSD high school and middle school participated in Unity Day. Students and staff wore orange to show the school is together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
The event was co-sponsored by student council and the Gay Straight Alliance. 
Students in the middle and high schools participated in a school-wide activity called “Every Step You Take Matters,” where students were engaged with first-period teachers about creating a world and school community without bullying. 
The title of the activity stands for the following:
  • Every: Complete, entire, all. When each individual or action is included without exception. 
  • Step: An action or movement occurring as one in a series. 
  • You: A person, or people in general, being directly spoken to or acknowledged. 
  • Take: Lead, guide, do. To move somebody or something from one place or situation to another. 
  • Matters: Have important or significant effect on somebody or something. 
For a gallery of photos from unity day, please see below. 
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