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Townsend awards held
Recently, Townsend Elementary held an assembly for fourth and fifth graders to hand out awards for honor roll, Principal’s List, and Superintendent’s List, as well as for the NED Citizenship, Do Your Best, Never Give Up, and Encouraging Others awards. 
Students in grades K-5 were also recently honored for quarterly academic, Olweus, and student of the week awards.
Photos of the award winners are below.
5th grade honor roll
5th grade, Honor Roll: Front (from left): Layne VanValkenburg, Jaylynn MacRabie, Abi Doig, Chasidy Constable, John Napoleone, Maddox Little, and Alyson Siar. Back (from left): Caden Scofield, Angelas Mills, Katelynn Gregory, David Hoyt, Chris Caffery, London Gardner, Phade Lindsay, and Delana Wood.
5th grade principal's list 
5th grade, Principal’s List: Front (from left): Delaney Kilmurray, Eli Williams, Kahrin Vesterfelt, and Arwen Tracey. Middle (from left): Russell Finn, Izabella Armstrong, Nathaniel Harrington, and Gavin Harrington. Back: Principal Mike Snider.

5th grade Superintendent's List 
5th grade Superintendent’s List (from left): Carter McNamara, Acting Superintendent Larry Thomas, and Kylie Wood.

5th grade citizenship 
5th grade NED Citizenship (from left): Delana Wood, London Gardner, Kylie Wood, and Kahrin Vesterfelt.

5th grade do your best 
5th grade NED Do Your Best (from left): Layne VanValkenburg, Carter McNamara, Arwen Tracey, and Eli Williams.

5th grade encouraging others 
5th grade NED Encouraging Others (from left): Ethan Copeland, Aiden Branigan, Kylie Constable, and Lucas Rice

5th never giving up 
5th grade Never Give Up (from left): Abi Doig, Darrin Walley, Joshua Johnson, and Christian Faulkner.

5th grade academic 
5th grade Academic: Front (from left): Kayleigh Weil, Gwyn Northrup, Chasidy Constable, Jaylynn MacRabie, Lucas DuMond, David Hoyt, and John Napoleone. Middle (from left): Peter DeBrock, Niko Madrigal, Olivia Bartlett, Jaxon Backus, Arwen Tracey, Russell Finn, Cayden Stafford, and DeLaura Manzer. Back (from left): Gavin Harrington, Carter McNamara, Blair Brown, Lucas Rice, Kylie Wood, Delana Wood, Katelynn Gregory, Phade Lindsay, and John Taranin. 

5th grade olweus 
5th grade Olweus: Front (from left): Shaun Simpson, Chayce Albanese, Aiden Branigan, Layne VanValkenburg, and Maddison Barnes. Middle (from left): Gianna Pagan, Blaike Knapp, Joseph Clark, Peyton Clark, Maddox Little, Kylie Wood, and Brooke Carlson. Back (from left): Josh Gladstone, Darrin Walley, Steven Plank, Phade Lindsay, Jaionna Anthony, Myah Conant, and Olivia Barnes. 

 5th grade student of the week
5th grade Student of the Week: Kyle Schamber, Joseph Sanford, Abigail Doig, Lo Robinson, Layne VanValkenburg, Christian Faulkner, and Niko Madrigal. Middle (from left): Anthony Navas, Eli Williams, Michael Johnson, Nate Harrington, Hailie Ferranti, Arwen Tracey, Kylie Wood, Samantha Maus, and DeLaura Manzer. Back (from left): Lucas Rice, Darrin Walley, London Gardner, Marlee Caprio, Gianna Armstrong, Olivia Barnes, Josh Gladstone, and Blair Brown.

4th grade honor roll 
4th grade, Honor Roll: Front (from left): Maisy Rhinehart, Tyler Yakalis, Ryder Stone, Dylan Stanton, Justin Somers, and Karlee McClenon. Back (from left): Izabella Armstrong, Elias Bayne, Reagan Foster, Traci Navas, Shyaden Covell, and Sapphira Boycott.
 4th grade principals list
4th grade, Principal’s List: Front (from left): Samuel Smith, Kai Storrer, Lucas Carr, Lorelei Angevine, and Principal Mike Snider. Back (from left): Anderson McEntee, Tyler Reed, Jaedyn Roloson, Tripp Taylor, and Natalie Hoffman. 
 4th grade superintendents list
4th grade Superintendent’s List: Front (from left): Henry Wilcox, Alivia Conklin, Parker Cash, Ethan Hall, and Marcus Marano. Back: Acting Superintendent Larry Thomas.

4th grade citizenship 
4th grade NED Citizenship (from left): Maisy Rhinehart, Lillian Conrow, and Jasmine Scutt.

4th grade do your best 
4th grade NED Do Your Best (from left): Harley Mullineuaux, Marco Possemato, and Dylan Stanton.

4th grade encouraging others 
4th grade NED Encouraging Others (from left): Lorelei Angevine and Traci Navas. Missing: Savannah Morales.  

4th grade never give up 
4th grade Never Give Up (from left): Jaylin Clinton, Shayden Covell, and Ethan Hall.

4th grade academic 
4th grade Academic: Front (from left): Justin Somers, Elias Bayne, Elise Church, Dylan Stanton, and Sam Smith. Middle (from left): Sapphira Boycott, Karlee McClenon, Lucas Carr, Henry Wilcox, Joshua Smith, and Kai Storrer. Back (from left): Traci Navas, Marcus Marano, Marco Possemato, Alivia Conklin, Natalie Hoffman, and Ethan Hall.

4th grade olweus 
4th grade Olweus: Front (from left): Conner Updyke, Payton Landry, Colt Covey, Neveah Spicer, and Jasmine Scutt. Middle (from left): Dylan Stanton, Maisy Rhinehart, Reaghan Foster, Harley Mullineaux, Lorelei Angevine, Samantha Scofield, and April Conway. Back (from left): Traci Navas, Daniel Clark, Shayden Covell, Karlee Braley, Lily Conrow, Colton Cooper, and Skylar Bennett.

 4th grade student of the week
4th grade Student of the Week: Front (from left): Justin Somers, Anderson McEntee, Elias Bayne, Corey Hannold, Kaya Stanton, Dylan Stanton, and Samuel Smith. Middle (from left): Tripp Taylor, Kai Storrer, Dawson Gregory, Maisy Rhinehart, Sapphira Boycott, Elise Church, April Conway, and Evelyn Brooker. Back (from left): Marco Possemato, Parker Cash, Ethan Hall, Grace Walley, Izabella Armstrong, Alivia Conklin, Henry Wilcox, and Matias Navia.
3rd grade academic award 
3rd grade Academic: Front (from left): Reaghan VanTyle, Linkin Backus, Kohl Muller, Esther Salvia, John Taranin, and Addyson VanValkenburg. Second row (from left): Dixie Manzer, Lila Trimbell, Alexa Wright, Anika Fassler, Levi McDonald, and Payton Zenner. Third row (from left): Kazelee Zenner, Gabe Bidwell, Liam Kane, Mayla Evans, Chloe Edwards, and Jacob Constable. Back (from left): Bentley Wickham, Camren Jimenez, Julia Sargent, Miley Dunbar, Vanessa Burgos, Kennedy Williams, and Zayden Haskins.
3rd grade olweus 
3rd grade Olweus: Front (from left): Katelynn Houck, Scarlett Beardslee, Christian Hanrahan, Ava Merwin, and Damien Fox. Second row (from left): Natalie Dean, Kamren Craig, Alexa Wright, Adam Rice, Roxie Cetta, Neveah Moxham, and Paige LeBarge. Third row (from left):  Noah Howland, Camiren Barriger, Levi McDonald, and Michael Clark. Back (from left): Vanessa Burgos, Timmy CLinton, Carsen Gardepe, Miley Dunbar, Dallas Hulse, Eli Kingsbury, Mackenzie Roach, Jacob Constable, and Brynlee Hunt. 
3rd grade student of the week 
3rd grade Student of the Week: Front (from left): Reaghan VanTyle, Linkin Backus, Aimee Furgeson, Kohl Muller, and Nizayah Murphy. Second row (from left): Lucas Beardslee, Scarlett Beardslee, Alexa Wright, Esther Salvia, Alexa Scofield, Ryan Alessi, and Logan Viscio. Third row (from left):  Kamren Craig, Lila Trimbell, Noah Howland, Christian Hanrahan, Emma Kingsbury, Eli Kingsbury, and Paige LeBarge. Back (from left): Isabella Grossman, Annalia Yetto, Mayla Evans, Brynlee Hunt, and Xager Wickham.

 Second grade academic
2nd grade Academic: Front (from left): Carson Armstrong, Westin Torres, Matthew Sietsma. Destiny Jacbsen, Julianna Roy, Andrew Goodstal, Noah Hood, Brandon Scutt, Rilynn Day, and Maia Fassler. Middle (from left): Thomas Wilcox, Owen Hodges, and Anthoni Ildefonso. Back (from left): Dallas Smith, Jali Shelton, Laney Duvall, Avelyn White, Colton Walley, Daniel Rippe, Brandon Hitt, Jersey Forrest, and Tristan VanLoan.
2nd grade olweus 
2nd grade Olweus: Front (from left): Jacob Doig, Shay Johnson, Zachary Sanford-Quick, Conner Dean, Logan Gregory Jr., Ryan Somers, and Hunter Lambrecht. Middle (from left): Darrius Lindsay, Matthew Sietsma, Alexis Pettit, Kaliee Lindsay, Maria Salimbangon, Lily Jackson, Julianna Roy, and Nathan Middleton. Back (from left): Madalyn Giannicchi, Javontae Anthony, Carson Armstrong, Eli Moxham, Ciara Kiesling, Emma Moss, Jersey Forrest, Kendyll McDonald, Paizley Wildey.

2nd grade students of the week 
2nd grade Student of the Week: Front (from left): Jacob Doig, Logan Gregory Jr., Thomas Wilcox, Westin Torres, Matthew Sietsma, Destiny Jacobsen, Kayleigh Ostrander, and Jackson Sweeney. Middle (from left): Laney Duvall, Jali Shelton, Zander Stanton, Alexis Pettit, Jaxon Hitt, Mitchell Johnson, Landen Branigan, Nolan Evans, Shay Johnson, Madalyn Russell, Lily Jackson, and Nathan Middleton. Back (from left): Dawson Shaw, Lane Terry, Maria Salimbangon, Landen Reed, Conner Dean, Mark Gardepe, Brandon Hitt, Emma Moss, Brihnley Roloson, Richelle Wood, Kendyll McDonald, and Braxton Wood.

1st grade Academic: Front (from left): Isabella Fogliano and Aliya Carman. Second row (from left): Josilynn Finch, Martie Foster, Korbyn MacDonald, Ava Hall, and Belle Wagner. Third row (from left): Elena Taranin, Rylee Mead, Madison Scofield, Zoey Kille, Finnley Kane, Connor Stanton, and Danielle Miller. Back (from left): Ben Dougherty, Levi Wickham, Clayton Carlson, Dawson Bowker, Blaze D'Angelo, and Cedar Hancarik.

1st grade olweus 
1st grade Olweus: Front (from left): Bella Hadley, Bailey Fravel,  Averie Williams, Amelia Darling, and Zaina Bartlett. Middle (from left): Clayton Carlson, Sadie McGraw, William Browning, Madison Scofield, Noah Scofield, and Malaki Anthony. Back (from left): Emma Freel, Danielle Miller, Haven Barnes, Anthony Salvia, Carter Magann, Brystol Hunt, and Callan Neale. 

1st grade students of the week 
1st grade Student of the Week: Front row (from left): Zamani Murphy, Korbyn MacDonald, Madison Hoffman, Martie Foster, Madison Scofield, Lillie Beers, and Madalynn Gregory. Second row (from left): Zoey Kille, Jayden Wright, Brystal Hunt, Madeline Cash, Noah Scofield, Emma Freel, and Ava Hoover. Third row (from left): Gregory Sanford, Riley Wood, Klair Gregory, Finnley Kane, Joshua Middleton, Levi Wickham, and Dakota Benson. Back row (from left): Will Voorhies, Reed LaTourette, Michael Sanford, Connor Stanton, Dawson Bowker, Dakota Morse, Carter Magann, and Anthony Salvia.

Kindergarten academic 
Kindergarten Academic: Front (from left): Easton Dolph, Lucas McGrath, Charlotte Joslin, Xander Merwin, Preston VanLoan, Quintin Thompson, and Trent Neville. Middle row (from left): Tinsley Endress, Lena Storrer, Kate Bowker, Kylie Constable, Arianna Clark, Mia Torres, Nicolas Navia, Damien Dean, and Liam Russell. Back (from left): Harper Walley, Joey Klein, Elijah Houck, Hayden Schmidt, Elijah Salimbangon, Caysin Gardner, Cailet Cordner-Ryan, Lahja Wright, Aiden Ruling, Brycen Bartlett, and Kaden Poulin-Schuman.
 Kindergarten olweus
Kindergarten Olweus: Front (from left): Christian Seward,  Jennifer Robinson,  Leroy Possemato, Gabriella Wright, Xander Merwin, Arianna Clark, Finn VanTyle, Josiah Closs, Ava Serra, Kara Neville, Lucas Stanton, and Shain Bakker. Middle (from left): Miranda Schmidt,  Emmett Murray, Robert Ladd,  Nadia Giannicchi  Christopher MacRabie, Jesse Tompkins, and Anthony Poloso. Back (from left): Jeremiah Clark, Harper Walley,  Kylee Roach, Tanner Neale, Henry White, Quintin Thompson, Kenny Edwards, Elanor White,  Cailet Cordner-Ryan, and Addisyn Merwin, 
Kindergarten student of the week 
Kindergarten Student of the Week: Front (from left): Leroy Possemato, Christian Seward, Eli Dunbar, Luke Fairchild, Mia Torres, Elijah Salimbangon, Jaczen Garone, Gia Dawson, Kara Neville, and Finn VanTyle. Middle (from left): Kate Bowker, Lena Storrer, Preston VanLoan, Robert Ladd, Joey Klein, Jesse Tompkins, Damien Dean, Liam Russell, Miranda Schmidt, Daphne Schmidt, and Brycen Bartlett. Back (from left): James White, Elijah Houck, Jeremiah Clark, Tinsley Endress, Nadia Giannicchi, Henry White, Kenny Edwards, Easton Dolph, and Elanor White.
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