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Panorama survey results are in
Results of the annual Panorama survey are in, and things seem to be on an upswing at the Walton Central School District.

The surveys covered several facets of the school, including climate, communication, family engagement, expectations, instruction, leadership, and more.

Topical surveys were available for family members, students, and staff.

Most items trended upward from the last survey.

“I’m excited by the results of the latest survey,” Walton Superintendent Roger Clough said. “We feel the district is moving in the right direction and I’m happy to see others think so as well.”

Though not all topics went up, there wasn’t a drastic drop anywhere. 

“There’s always work to be done and we will keep pushing to make our district better and better,” Clough said. “We want to make sure our students are getting a quality education and have many opportunities; and that our staff feels they have a great place to work. We also want to make sure the community and families have faith in our vision and where we are going.”

To see results, please see the attached PDF file.
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Panorama results
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