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Second graders compete in cupcake wars
Cupcake Wars 2018 winners 
The winners in the 2018 cupcake wars contest were: Front (from left):  Miley Dunbar, Chloe Edwards, and Liam Kane. In back is teacher Tina Ammon. 
For the third straight year, students in Tina Ammon’s second-grade class had the chance to compete in the annual cupcake wars. 

Judges from inside and outside of the district to taste and rate the cupcakes. The rules were simple in that students had to do the bulk of the work and the cupcakes needed to be made at home.

When the scores were tallied, the following students and cupcakes were selected as the winners:
  • Best tasting: Liam Kane (S’mores)
  • Best presentation: Miley Dunbar (Blueberry bacon)
  • Most original flavor: Chloe Edwards (S’mores)
Other cupcake flavors being judged included: Apple banana, rainbow tangerine, chocolate, strawberry funfetti, firework Boston coconut cream, and coffee peanut butter.
For a gallery of photos, please see below. 
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